online Chinese input method

learned about this very useful online Chinese language input tool from mis_nomer. i can "type" Chinese online now without needing to download any software. if i can find one that types original characters and that blogger can use, that would be great!



rlickr fules
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spoonerism = Reversal of the initial letters or syllables of two or more words, such as “I have a half-warmed fish in my mind” (for “half-formed wish”) and “a blushing crow” (“a crushing blow”). The word is derived from the name of William Archibald Spooner (1844–1930), a distinguished Anglican clergyman and warden of New College, Oxford, a nervous man who committed many “spoonerisms.” Such transpositions are often made intentionally for comic effect.

See Woonerism on Sikipedia.



MediterrAsian - a term used to describe a lifestyle and diet combining the practices of people from Mediterranean and Asian regions. See my post about the site MediterrAsian.com where I first came upon this concept.


newspaper clipping generator

found an interesting online tool for creating your own fun newspaper at The Newspaper Clipping Generator.


百香果 Passion Fruit

百香果 Passion Fruit
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granadilla -- that's another name for passion fruit, which i learned today through this photo mosaic i found on Flickr.com.

more info on Wikipedia


business writing and language sites to note

Manage Your Writing by Kenneth W. Davis

Bad Language by Matthew Stibbe



with my recent renewed interest in latte art (see my Piegirl blogspot, i learned this new word: tamp.

To tamp is the action of tamping the coffee into the basket.... Read more at Wikipedia

hmmm...i wonder if the verb "to tamper" is related in any way...